So...this blog has been severely neglected this year. Truthfully, it was even "deleted" for a month...in quotations because blogspot has an "undelete" option.

I lost interest in blogging this year, perhaps because I was too busy living.

2009 has left me with a masters degree, a husband, a house, and a new job.

I am both excited and nervous to anticipate what 2010 might hold.

Maybe...just maybe.... it will hold a bit o' blogging.


A beautiful night ( belated)

So...I could post about getting proposed to, wedding plans, moving to a new house, or finishing my masters... but instead, I will show you these.

This was such a beautiful night. The Round 50. Wow. (photos by Sarah Jurado via Emily Peterson)


Any idea?

Alright, so this has been bothering me since Ben shared it with me earlier.

IS there an answer? DOES the last grouping have anything in common?

(Via failblog.org)


25 things...

So there is a phenomenon happening on facebook right now. According to TIME magazine, in the last week nearly 5 million people decided to fill out one of those forwarded emails that you so often delete from your inbox.

It has been fun to read random facts about all my friends, and I figured that I might as well share mine here too.

1. I was the top Girl Scout cookie seller in my troop every year because I sold to every employee at my hometown courthouse. When I was there a couple years ago, a few women still asked me when cookie season was.
2. I lived in one house until I was 18, and have moved 17 times since then.
3. I am finally finishing my masters degree in three months, and never plan on going back to school. Learning? Sure. School? Not a chance.
4. I got LASIK surgery last month and now have 20/20 vision.
5. I have driven my way into 14 car accidents, but my car insurance is still probably cheaper than yours.
6. I cannot think coherently in the morning until I have my coffee.
7. I live at the base of the Space Needle, across the street from "Seattle Grace" hospital (which is actually a news station)
8. I tend to wear one pair of shoes, one piece of jewelry, or use one perfume until it is completely worn out, broken, or gone. I do not spread the love around.
9. I hate washing dishes, especially in a sink of standing water.
10. I've had 9 teeth pulled at one time, and one time I ate a tooth because it fell out while I was eating a hamburger and I thought it was a sesame seed.
11. I got a paycheck for my cameo in American Pie 2.
12. I love sleep...but still struggle to do so before midnight.
13. I have a fledgling photography side-gig that I am hoping to put more time into after graduation.
14. I wish I could eat sushi every day (I blame Jeremy Piven).
15. My guilty pleasures are smut magazines, shoe online-window shopping, and anthropologie.com.
16. I played a little soccer in college, but it's probably my least favorite sport I've ever played.
17. God is bigger than I thought....and that's about all I know for sure these days.
18. I write thank you notes in almost exactly the same format that I did when I was six. I am thankful to my mother for this - I was a very eloquent six year old. :)
19. I love having my own apartment, but I love having people in my space.
20. Sometimes I wish that I hated IKEA like all the cool kids do, but I don't.
21. Ben has to take away my menu after a couple minutes or I will never make a decision.
22. When I DO look at a menu, I can immediately eliminate most dishes that don't include caramelized onions. Sometimes I make a pot of them and eat them with a spoon.
23. One time I chased a cheetah chasing a wildebeest.
24. I like acoustic, indie-type music most of the time, but can only run/work out to the most offensive rap music I can find.
25. I love to cook things, but I hate recipes, measuring, and tasting my own food.



previously on Lost...

So...LOST doesn't start back up until January, and so for all you other addicts out there, check out this band in the meantime. "Previously On Lost" is a band based in NY, and all of their songs are recaps of Lost episodes. For instance...

Here is a scene from that episode, for those of you who like a little context with your parody.


silence in the blogsphere

So...sometimes I completely forget I HAVE this blog! I check other blogs daily, I spend way too much time online in general, but hardly think about blogging!!

For anyone who hasn't lost all hope in this here blog, I figured a quick random run down of some recent happenings (with some photos interspersed) would probably be a good idea.

**I am finally in my last year of school...EVER! I've only got a few classes left, and most of my time is spent interning with a local mental health agency. On my LAST first day of classes, my parents emailed me a photo from my first day of kindergarten.

**The Seattle rains have officially come, which means they will be here until May. Ben claims that if I was a true Seattle-ite, I would learn to love the rain. I'm nowhere near that sentiment, but I still definitely prefer it over 6 months of Michigan snow!

**Before the rains came, I had loads of family in town! My parents came to visit, and then my sister Becca and my brother-in-law Derek came out! It's always fun to show off my city, and my teeny (albeit fabulous) apartment is ALWAYS ready to welcome visitors. (The first pic if B&D and Ben at the Mariners/Yankees game, and the second is the obligatory tourist shot @ the Market)


barack and rickroll...

Oh man. This is the best thing I've seen in a long time....